Top Five Manufacturers of Yachts

Have you ever thought about journey through sea or simply to have relaxation while being in the midst of the sea and in your own luxurious sea transport? Let us ask you another question whether you have ever thought they you will make your journey the most luxurious way like you never thought before? Yes, these are the questions, which you can ask to yourself before travelling in the sea by the Yachts.

Travelling by sea is not a bad idea especially during the summer or in the winter season when the sun is giving you the shining heat. You have strong desire to enjoy the life in the wide broad sea in alone. There is only you and the nature. The yachts are best medium to travel by sea and these are being manufactured with all the latest technologies and facilities. Here we have list of top five yachts manufacturing companies:


  • “Baltic Shipyard Yachts”:

The Baltic Shipyard Yacht manufacturing company is a Russian based company and is considered one of the oldest yacht making companies in the world. Moreover, the Baltic Shipyard Company is also involved in making fighter / war ships for Russian Army during the World Wars. The customized yachts and other boats are prepared here on the desire and demand of the customers. They are experiencing increasing in customers’ annual basis.

  • “Tiara Yachts”:

This company is involved in manufacturing all the time best boats including the yachts. The yachts come in various styles and designs. It can be for two people or may be for more than 100 people as well, depending upon the choice of the customers and monetary resources they have with them to offer.

  • “Viking Yachts”:

The Viking yachts are state of the art designed yachts, which are made from semi-fiberglass material. There is flexibility in the designs and you can feel the speed. This company promotes the speed, efficiency of the working of the boats and off-course within the resources, it is available. It is an American based yacht making company.


The Viking yachts were first launched for fishing purpose and the users have enough options to enjoy the journey in the sea. The three story structure is made up so that you feel easy & relaxed to do fishing.

  • “Meridian Yacht Company”:

This is another American based yacht manufacturing company. You can put orders and stay relaxed at your home and other business activities. The company has expert engineers who take care of your orders and they care your time & resources. This company has won several national and international awards due to its efficiency in manufacturing wonderful yachts but meeting targets in time. Having satisfied customers is a great concern in this industry because customers are too limited but only single order can make you rich for months.

  • The “Feadship”:

This is a Netherland based yacht manufacturing company that is known worldwide for its neat manufacturing of highly efficient and reliable yachts. Since establishment in the year , this company is involved in manufacturing more than 250 yachts of various sizes and capacities. It was established in the year 1949.

Hi there! There is seriously no person on the globe who would like to deny the fact the inspiration and entertainment coming from cruising. And as of today, there is so much you can do on your yachts that you have no idea; considering the luxury yachts

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