Owners of the Most Expensive Yachts

Having unique things is great mean of fun these days and people are in the rush to grab most expensive transportation vehicles in their assets to impress others. It is a very common source to put great impression on the watchers as well. When you move, you move with pride and feel superior from the world. It is the effect of luxury but it is the real price of this life as well. However, there are just few owners of the yachts because of their luxury requirements and wonderful engineering involved in building such yachts. These are expensive and not in reach of an ordinary man to order purchase a yacht for him for entertainment in his life.

Here we have list of the owners who are in possession of world most expensive yachts to have little journey in the sea water. The yachts are full from the luxurious facilities and you enjoy them like being on land of your country. They never let you feel like you are alone in the midst of the sea.


  • Larry Ellison: A 200 Million USD Yacht:

This may be the cheapest boat on our list and it is worth only a 200 Million US Dollars. This wonderful boat is owned by Mr. David Geffen, which was previously owned by Mr. Larry Ellison, who is the CEO of “Oracle” Company. This boat contains huge number of facilities like the basketball court, a helipad for helicopter and an accommodation facility consisting above 80 rooms scattered on 05 floors.

  • Oceanco: A 200 Million USD Yacht:

This wonderful yacht is also at the same cost as the above one. It also contains facilities like the helipad, luxurious suits, rooms for guests, gymnast hall, swimming pools and much more to grab your eyes. The luxury interior has been used to make it more attractive.

  • Nasar-al-Rashid: A 210 Million USD:

This wonderful piece of engineering is owned by the Saudi national who is billionaire in the country and a successful businessman, who use to move on journey in his personal yacht around the world in business and recreational purpose. Yes, the money speaks. There has been gold work inside the yacht and it contains really amazing facilities which are beyond imagination. It can accommodate over 100 people including the crew members.


  • Al-Mirqab: A 250 Million USD Yacht:

The Prime Minister of Qatar, Mr. Hammad Bin Jassim Bin Jabbar is the master of this wonderful asset. There is nothing to say in appraisal but this yacht has all modern and luxurious facilities as it should have. It has all facilities like the helipad, swimming pools, rest rooms and luxurious suits to accommodate the guests.

  • Super Yacht: A 323 Million USD Yacht:

This amazing yacht is owned by a Russian rich person and it contains all the facilities and the interior & exterior are both very impressive. All the modern technologies have been endorsed and it can accommodate more than 50 people including the crew members. The Balconies have been designed and they give an impressive view of the open sea.

Hi there! There is seriously no person on the globe who would like to deny the fact the inspiration and entertainment coming from cruising. And as of today, there is so much you can do on your yachts that you have no idea; considering the luxury yachts

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